Program Speakers

Jeff Turner, Dunsky Energy Consulting

Jeff Turner has spent the last decade working with sustainable energy technologies, with a particular focus on transportation electrification. Jeff has led numerous projects for utilities and governments, consulting clients on best practices for supporting Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption, deploying charging infrastructure, managing grid impacts and other emerging technologies and solutions within the mobility sector.

Jeff’s firsthand experience with the development of EV solutions has enabled him to design and implement programs, policies and strategies that effectively promote sustainable mobility. His experience includes the integration of EVs into a broader energy context, including renewable energy, energy storage systems, and demand response. Prior to joining Dunsky, Jeff worked for Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of BC Hydro, where he led a number of EV charging infrastructure initiatives, supported EV adoption within corporate and government fleets, and contributed to the development of utility and government EV programs and policies.

Jeff also spent two years working for Azure Dynamics, a manufacturer of electric and hybrid trucks and commercial vehicles. Jeff holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University.

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