Program Speakers

Adam Trovato, 3D Energy

Adam Trovato is the Operations Manager at 3D Energy. He works in energy auditing, renewable energy feasibility, and policy analysis within the VGOC, although his main role is Project Coordination and Energy Consulting within Indigenous Communities in Alberta. He has worked with over 15 Indigenous Communities and several Metis Settlements within Alberta and has developed a thorough understanding of how to successfully navigate Government funding programs in order to achieve the sustainability goals of the Community and has developed a reputation of working effectively with various organizations to identify, apply and secure funding from multiple government programs and incentives, as well as manage the projects that become funded. Adam has developed a PV solar policy framework that has pieces currently being implemented by the City of Edmonton Department of Sustainable Development. He is also assisting NAIT’s Aboriginal Initiatives Training for Rural Communities Department in developing curriculum for Indigenous Communities’ as related to Alternative Energy, Project Management, and Energy Literacy. Adam has a Bachelor of Political Science from the University of Alberta and an Alternative Energy Technologist Diploma from NAIT.

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